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Friday, February 3, 2012

Little eyes watching.

Not too much has happened this past week, just the same ole same ole wake up, play with kids, work out, pick up kid, play, study, class, play, dinner, movie and then bed. This may seem kinda boring, but living with a three year old is anything but! She is the cutest thing. She picks up on everything I do and say. She watches me and tries to do what I do.. its flattering and scary all at the same time!! The scary part, I have to be careful of what I say and do around her.. For example..The other day I was making a sandwich, and I pulled it out of the oven and I burned my finger, a certain four little word slipped out and all of our head whipped around to Ellis to see if she would repeat it, thank goodness she was not paying attention, but im pretty sure she that will come back to haunt us J oops. But there are some funny things she has picked up that I say! For those of you who have spent more than 10 mins with me, you know I use the word “awesome” and the phrase “I’m so excited” quite often, well, these are now common phrases of Ellis. It makes me laugh every time I hear her say them!  On the flattering part… we were up dancing to some music and she kept looking up at me and mimicking my moves. It was precious!  She will go in my room and put on my jewelry, or try to wear my scarfs, but for some reason the icing on the cake for me was this: One night we were playing and she took one of her sleeves to make her dress a one shoulder dress….I have worn a dress a few times that is one shouldered. She mentioned that she like it, but I didn’t think anything of it until this night..she was trying to make her dress look like the one I had..she wanted to be like me.

 It is so humbling to have someone who wants to be like you, or act like you. It also makes you think about how you are acting and how people perceive you. Its not just 3 year olds who do this, its people of all ages. People are always watching what you do, how you act, what you say..You may not think of yourself as a leader, but I tell you eyes are watching. Some one may be looking up to you and you don’t even know it. So what would they act out if they were trying to be like you? Its funny how a three year old can teach you so much and really make you think about your actions in all aspects of life. So, how do people perceive you?

On another lighter note I promise I will have some more interesting and action packed posts to come! I am hiking Mt. Kilimanjaro at the end of the month and I have been training super hard for it! It will be one of the most challenging things I have ever done, but I am more than ready to take it on. Please pray for our safe travels.

I do have big plans for the weeks proceeding Kili, both involve some traveling and bikinis.  It shall be fun. I will post all about it when I return. I’m excited to explore a little bit more of Tanzania!

I will leave you with some pictures of lately. Have a wonderful weekend, and remember..

People are always watching…how would they mimic you?

The cliff over looking the ocean where we had tea

 My and my buddy Ellis out for tea. This was her treat for pooping in the potty. Yes, we talk about pooping in the potty..ALOT. She asks me everyday if I have pooped in the potty or if I have put a sticker on the chart like her, for pooping in the potty. This kid cracks me up! Just in case you are wondering.. Lets just say, I always earn my stickers.

The kiddos...yes they are brother and sister..and yes they have the same parents.. I like to call them Ebony and Ivory.

Talk about multitasking!! Im a pro at this stuff. Kinda scary.

I will leave you with these monkeys!!!!! 
They are on the road right outside our compound just chilling in the trees. I took the picture as Betsy and I were on our walk training for Kilimanjaro..
And no, they did not throw their poo at us.....this time at least.


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  1. That top picture...that is the cutest little face! She is precious.