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Monday, February 13, 2012

Imbuja Island and Zanzibar

My last two weekends have involved island hopping! I went to  the islands ofImbuja and Zanzibar.

Imbuja is an island right off the coast of Dar. It is so close that you can just take a short boat ride to it! We spend Sunday out there with two other families and we had a blast. The water was breathtaking and it was fun to have some good quality family time.  I grew up going to the lake every summer so I LOVE boats and being on the water. I’m pretty sure they entire ride to the island and back I had a huge smile on my face. I felt like a kid again! Im sure my face looked something like this the entire time :)

While spending the day there I had the opportunity to go snorkeling! There is a reef not to far off the shore so it is perfect to snorkel in, especially for a first time snorkeler.  Now I have been snorkeling once in my life and its no something that I really like to do, but I said “when in Rome” and dove right in! I ended up loving it and enjoyed being able to see the life under the sea. I saw all sorts of colorful fish and one huge eel. It was snake like, and snakes are my biggest fear in life, so I quickly swam away from that thing before I had a panic attack. I tried to look for Nemo and Dori (Pixar movie character references) but they were no where to be found, but since the island is so close and we have a boat, I’m sure I will get another chance to snorkel for them!

Below are some pictures of our day spent on the island J Enjoy

 The colorful sailboats we saw while on our way out to the island!
                                                                 Heading to the boat!

 The local fishing boats

                                                   Amazing colors


                                                                               This was our little hut we had for the day.

Most recently, I had the opportunity to go to Zanzibar! (in hopes to meet some zanzibarbarians!) Only a few of you will get that movie reference, and if you do, you are my favorite person ever, if you don’t…look it up, its one of my family’s favorite movies and mine.

ANY WHO!  Zanzibar. It is a large island off the coast of Tanzania and it only takes about 20min to get there on a small airplane. The island is known for its spices. You can get all types of spices for really cheap. They also offer spice tours where you can see where they are gown and sample them. I didn’t go on this trip; I am waiting to go with my Aunt and Uncle when they come visit.  We stayed at the amazing hotel that is only about a year old and boy was it fancy. It was probably the nicest place I have ever stayed in. Although I felt like I should be on my honeymoon at this kind of resort,  I was with two kids and my cousins. Same thing right? Haha kidding! It was such a nice “vacation” and I really enjoyed living in the life of luxury for a few days. We spend most of the days laying out by the pool and walking along the beach. It was nice and relaxing. I didn’t get out much on the island because I know I will be going back a few more times. So, for now, enjoy these photos of the beautiful resort!

Large bed party o' one :)

The back porch
 Infinity pool, they had two of these babies.

 Walking out into the water during low tide
                                                            The pier
 Pier bar. That roof is really made out of grass. Pretty, but highly flammable.

Boats during low tide.

Breathtaking sunset...God is a brilliant painter.

I will be hiking Mt. Kilimanjaro very soon and my next blog will be all about my hike! Please pray for our safety and success of climbing the mountain. I am so excited to have this opportunity to do something that most people just dream about, I am truly blessed.

To be honest, I am so blessed to be over here in Africa! I am doing something that I have wanted to do which is exploring the world! I am blessed to have the opportunity, the connections and have worked so hard to save, to be able to do live here and explore and to do it as long as I am. I know that this lifestyle is not forever, but I am glad to be able to do it for now. I am learning things that I didn’t think I would learn over here. I am not really sure what I thought I would be learning or experience, but it is different and I am glad for it. I will come home a different person, but a better person for sure.
J Hope you all have a WONDERFUL Valentines Day!

Aaaaand if you are wondering, no, I do not have a “valentine” and I have not found one over here. I think that is for the best  ;) (cough cough, mother).

I will consider all you as my valentine this year.


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